Store Policies

Customer Guarantee Policy

Red Warden user agreement. Once the product has been purchased and applied to a device for registration, this registration cannot be used on another device, or transfer of ownership. Doing so violates this agreement, and recovery of the said device is then considered voided.

Red Warden will try and persuade finders of a lost device, not matching information on file with Red Warden, to make every effort possible to turn the device into lost and found. There will be times where Red Warden may not be able to convince finders to do the right thing, and on those rare occasions when the finder refuses to take the necessary steps directed by Red Warden, Red Warden will not be held liable under these circumstances.

If a finder locates a found device and is not physically able to handle the found device, have ample time to turn the device to a worker to page the owner by name, unable to turn the device over to lost and found, or having an opportunity to turn the found device over to law enforcement, Red Warden will ask the finder to please see if they can locate another person that can take the found device to someone that could help.

Before anyone is permitted to register their device, they MUST agree to the terms and conditions. Those who fail to do so will not have their information correctly accepted into the system, and therefore cannot be located in the event of a recovery.

Stickers are nontransferable from person to person, or device to device. Once a device has been registered and saved in the Red Warden database, this information on the registered device cannot be changed. Such actions are a direct violation of the Red Warden user agreement, terminating the sticker usage policy for future device recovery, forfeiting all types of claims against Red Warden, and automatically enacting a no refund of the purchase price of the product.
Red Warden will not be held responsible for the miscommunication between the finder, and the owner, police, security agencies, businesses, transportation a device, or the condition of the device when found, or the condition of the device retrieved from the finder.

Red Warden does not guarantee the return of a lost device, nor is Red Warden responsible the accuracy of the correspondence, or its data received by those reporting a found device.

It’s the company discretion to deny the following:

  • Password changes that do not match information in the Red Warden database.

Red Warden is not responsible for the damage, loss of a device, or its condition when the lost device during is transferred or returned to the device owner. This includes the condition of the device transferred directly from finder to owner, and from finder-to shipper-to owner. Red Warden will not be responsible for the condition of recovered devices.

New members are required to use their real name on their device sticker. In many cases a finder may require to see a form of I.D. matching name on the sticker before they will release a found device to the device owner. Red Warden is not responsible for anyone failing to release the found device to the said owner.

Shipping devices is strictly between the device owner, and the person, or shipping company. Red Warden is not a shipping company.

All payments, tracking, and shipments of a recovered device are between the finder, and or shipping company, and not with Red Warden.