Teach an adult to read, inspire the world to change. ProLiteracy is the largest adult literacy and basic education membership organization in the nation. They believe a safer, stronger, and more sustainable society starts with an educated adult population. For more than 60 years, ProLiteracy has been working across the globe to create a world where every person can read and write.

About 36 million adults in the U.S., and almost 800 million worldwide, struggle with basic reading, writing, and math skills. These individuals struggle to read a menu, fill out a job application, or read a bedtime story to their children. ProLiteracy removes the hurdles that stand in the way of their goals.

As the CEO of Red Warden, I invite laptop computer and tablet owners from all corners of the earth to support this amazing organization. If you do not purchase our laptop computer & tablet tracker product, but you believe in their cause, nothing would make us happier than to know you are inspired to support ProLiteracy and donate to this worthy non-profit.  Learn more here: