Parents | Device Recovery FAQ

What if the Label is removed?

Removing the label from a device does not prevent Red Warden from identifying the lawful owner; the serial number on a device is also the membership number, therefore owners are identifiable even if a label is removed from a device. 

We have created awareness campaigns with lost and found departments at college campuses, airports, and police departments throughout the country instructing them to reference our database to locate lawful owners. 

The system works in any country in the world, there is never a monthly service fee, and members receive Global Alerts for as long as they own their device.   

How fast is the recovery alert system?

Red Warden does not use automated call systems; all calls are answered by real people asking serious questions to determine who has the found device, with an optimized plan to retrieve it.

What happens if my student loses their laptop in the airport when traveling?

TSA is required by law to contact a device owner if their contact information is visible on the exterior of the device.  For security purposes, they will not open or power-on a device to attempt to identify the owner.  Because your student's name is listed on the label, TSA can page your student to retrieve the device! 

In addition, Red Warden is the only device recovery program that provides members with access to a database of shipping enterprises that can retrieve a device from the finder in most parts of the world; have them packed professionally, then shipped back to the owner as conveniently and cost-effective as possible.

My student is responsible, do they need this?

No matter how responsible you believe your student may be, knowing they can recover their lost, stolen, or misplaced laptop or tablet so cost-effectively justifies the minimal investment. 

What if the finder wants to keep a found device?

The honest truth is, if a finder wants to keep a found device there is really no product on the market that is going to defend against a cold hard criminal. But this is what separates Red Warden from other companies: we promote the optimistic goodness of most people who will try to locate the owner of a found device.

The time to implement a cost-effective recovery system is before a device is misplaced, lost, or stolen.  Be Proactive, not Reactive, when it comes to protecting your student's electronic devices!

Now that you have the facts, we invite you to Click Here to join Red Warden's satisfied customers.