Laptop & Tablet Recovery For College Students

Protect your college student’s tablet and laptop devices with this electronic device recovery label:

  • The Red Warden security label makes it easy to track a lost or stolen device.
  • Save money on your tech investment with a label that includes a quick way to find the original owner.
  • Finders can contact the owner directly via the info on the label, or they can contact Red Warden who sends notifications to the owner that the device has been found.
  • Removing the label from a device doesn’t prevent Red Warden from identifying a lawful owner.
  • 10 percent of the purchase of each label is donated to one of Red Warden’s partner charities.

College is a time for trekking laptops and tablets all over campus. They’re taken to class for notes, the library for late nights of research, and to friends’ houses for study parties. Your college student may be responsible, but there is always a chance to misplace or lose a device. The Red Warden label includes the device’s serial number for easy identification. It also includes the device owner’s name, in case they can be tracked down right away. Otherwise, the finder can contact Red Warden to find the owner.

It’s easy to get started!

  • Click on the ‘Take Action Now’ button and purchase a label.
  • We’ll send an email to your college student to finish the registration process. (This way they can select their desired charity!)
  • The purchase includes free shipping of the label to your student.
  • (Note: If purchasing more than one gift, please add each label to your cart separately for each purchase)